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In the digital age, it is particularly easy to travel in the USA. We can go from one side of the country to the other oblivious to the flexibility we have in our mobile phone and cellular data connections. Verizon is Verizon in New York, the same as it is in LA. You can stream The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel from Texas to Minnesota. You’ll run out of episodes before you run out of network. Things are not so simple in Europe. Although Europe is only slightly larger than the US, there are places you cannot go 60 miles without going through three countries.

Europe may have one currency, but they do not have unified data networks. Still, compared to other places in the world, Europe isn’t bad at all. Trying to stay connected while traveling the world is a challenge, and even when you can navigate the various network connections, you are going to pay for it either financially or with security risks.

International roaming from major carriers is expensive, even if you arrange it in advance. If you want to use a computer, you will need a separate data plan for your laptop. The alternative for most travelers is to rely on public Wi-Fi. There are security risks with public Wi-Fi anywhere, even in the US, but if you happen to be in Estonia or Belarus and login to public Wi-Fi, you may as well invite hackers into your home. It’s a risk you might take to contact family on a vacation, but for business travelers the risks are too high.

Many seasoned travelers have resorted to SIM card bingo, using a different pay as you go plans in each country. The SIM card shuffle can be both a hassle and expensive. Until now, there was just no good cellular data option for international travel, particularly for business.

Things are about to change, and Frontier is proud to be part of it. European mobile data experts Mondicon are launching We.Stream, a remote data connection device that will revolutionize Internet connectivity for travelers. We.Stream will launch at CES in Las Vegas January 9, 2018. Frontier will be the first US distributor for We.Stream.
The teaser is here and Frontier will have more details about We.Stream after January 10.

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