Frontier maintains a rich history and in depth knowledge of reverse Logistics and supply chain services related to the Enterprise IT industry and Data Center arena.

Since the inception of Dell’s build to order / configure-to-order competitive strategy, service organization and users alike have felt the growing pressure of less inventory available in the channel for new orders and service events in general. With most other Manufacturers trying to keep pace with Dell and be able to compete, they too have adopted similar models which result in less inventory in the channel.

Keeping up with what clients need, what parts are in demand from a service perspective and what newly released parts will be in demand for replacement and service calls is where Frontier and our experienced Product Managers shine. We can help you and your organization predict the future based on what is coming up for EOSL (end of service life) or EOL (end of life) from a manufacturing standpoint.

Since 1976 we have helped organizations keep SLA’s (service level agreements) in check and uphold customer retention rates for service organizations within the OEM’s.  How do we do it?  Our staff are highly trained and experienced in not only the parts and complete systems we offer, but also in assisting field engineers with issues ensuring that the correct parts and revisions are delivered.  Whether its revision level mismatches or simple misdiagnoses, work with one of our reps today to see why so many planners, buyers and engineers turn to frontier.

We specialize in reverse supply chain services for the following manufacturers;

IBM, HP, SUN, CISCO, Brocade, EMC and more.
We inventory products for same day shipment at our centrally located facilities within the US and Europe.

From the oldest systems and parts to the most current generations, we can assist.  Team up with Frontier and understand what you have been missing.  We are the source of the knowledge and the product!

Whether the need is for a complete solution or single parts for same day or next day delivery, we are here to help.

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*Ask about options for 24/7 supply chain contracts for those late night or holiday emergency shipments.
We offer contracted and non contracted rates.