White Glove to Work Glove — Frontier has options to match your capabilities, needs, and financial goals.

Audit Icon 
Frontier’s Team can perform an
audit and inventory at your site, or to maximize return, your team can determine the scope of assets to be deinstalled.

Frontier can deinstall and pack all of your hardware for shipment, or to maximize your value refund, removal and packing can be completed before Frontier is involved.
Shipping IconFrontier’s expert logistics team will arrange
secure shipping from your site to our warehouse in Traverse City, Michigan.

Barcode iconAt our Warehouse Frontier techs unpack, scan and log each item to document the chain of custody.
Shredded Disk IconHard drives can be securely wiped or, if necessary, destructively shredded to maintain the privacy of your data.

All equipment is analyzed and tested. When feasible equipment is refurbished and repaired and placed into our inventory to continue it’s useful life.
Frontier Arrows IconWhen equipment is no longer functional it is deconstructed for component recycling. Metals, plastic and other structural materials are also recycled for minimum waste.

As agreed upon in advance, in 30 days or less
Frontier sends payment. There is no waiting for equipment to be remarketed, and no questions about the status of your assets.

Our experienced, knowledgeable product managers will know your hardware and the ever changing world market. They can clearly explain the disposition process. We will tailor a plan to exactly fit your assets, your in-house capabilities, and your goals, for a solution to fit your schedule and budget. Our goal is to gain your trust and commitment by helping you get the best possible return from your IT investment. 866-226-6344