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3995-C64 540GB Optical Library

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Frontier provides low cost online storage with the 3995-C64 Optical Library. The IBM 3995-C64 allows data currently stored on paper, microfilm and microfiche to be directly accessed. This library offers 504GB optical cartridge storage slots and two 5.2GB of internal extended multi-function drives.

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  • Offers the unique characteristics of low-cost, high-capacity, and direct access storage, along with long archival life and the option for permanent recording.
  • Enables new business applications to bring data online; data currently stored on paper, microfiche, and microfilm.
  • Low-cost complement to high performance magnetic disk to extend the life of online data.
  • Based upon IBM’s 5.2 GB, industry-standard, 5.25-inch optical drive technology.
  • The IBM 3995 Optical Library C-Series continues using the Extended Multifunction optical drive which supports magneto-optical (MO) rewritable, Permanent Write Once/Read Many (WORM), and Continuous Composite WORM recording technologies.
  • The enhanced 3995 C-Series offers the following models and capacities for these operating environments:
  • S/390: Four models, ranging from 270 GB to 1.341 TB of optical storage, and three expansion units ranging from 270 GB to 1.341 TB of additional optical storage for a total of up to 2.682 TB in a library subsystem.
  • AS/400: Five models, capacities ranging from 104 GB to 1.341 TB of optical storage
  • RS/6000 and open systems: Five models, capacities ranging from 104 GB to 1.341 TB of optical storage
  • LAN: Five models, capacities ranging from 104 GB to 1.341 TB of optical storage
  • Ideal applications include: document imaging, Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD), report management, hierarchical storage management, and backup/archive.
  • Supported by many IBM and Lotus applications, many of which are members of IBM’s Electronic Document Management Suite (EDMSuite) of application solutions; such as VisualInfo for AIX, VisualInfo for NT, OnDemand for AIX, OnDemand for NT, VisualInfo for the AS/$00, OnDemand for AS/400, ImagePlus VisualInfo for MVS/ESA, ImagePlus FAF for MVS/ESA, OnDemand for OS/390, and IBM Digital Library Solutions. IBM’s ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager provides 3995 optical storage management for the OS/2, AIX, NT, and Sun Solaris environments.
  • Enables solutions across the enterprise – S/390, AS/400, RS/6000, PC, LAN, and Open Systems environments.


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