IBM 3995-C64 540GB Optical Library

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FrontierUS buys and sells used and refurbished IBM 3995-C64 Optical Libraries. The IBM 3995-C64 optical library allows data currently stored on paper, microfilm and microfiche to be directly accessed. This library offers 504GB optical cartridge storage slots and two 5.2GB of internal extended multi-function drives.

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  • Offers the unique characteristics of low-cost, high-capacity, and direct access storage, along with long archival life and the option for permanent recording.
  • Enables new business applications to bring data online; data currently stored on paper, microfiche, and microfilm.
  • Low-cost complement to high performance magnetic disk to extend the life of online data.
  • Based upon IBM’s 5.2 GB, industry-standard, 5.25-inch optical drive technology.
  • The IBM 3995 Optical Library C-Series continues using the Extended Multifunction optical drive which supports magneto-optical (MO) rewritable, Permanent Write Once/Read Many (WORM), and Continuous Composite WORM recording technologies.
  • The enhanced 3995 C-Series offers the following models and capacities for these operating environments:
  • S/390: Four models, ranging from 270 GB to 1.341 TB of optical storage, and three expansion units ranging from 270 GB to 1.341 TB of additional optical storage for a total of up to 2.682 TB in a library subsystem.
  • AS/400: Five models, capacities ranging from 104 GB to 1.341 TB of optical storage
  • RS/6000 and open systems: Five models, capacities ranging from 104 GB to 1.341 TB of optical storage
  • LAN: Five models, capacities ranging from 104 GB to 1.341 TB of optical storage
  • Ideal applications include: document imaging, Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD), report management, hierarchical storage management, and backup/archive.
  • Supported by many IBM and Lotus applications, many of which are members of IBM’s Electronic Document Management Suite (EDMSuite) of application solutions; such as VisualInfo for AIX, VisualInfo for NT, OnDemand for AIX, OnDemand for NT, VisualInfo for the AS/$00, OnDemand for AS/400, ImagePlus VisualInfo for MVS/ESA, ImagePlus FAF for MVS/ESA, OnDemand for OS/390, and IBM Digital Library Solutions. IBM’s ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager provides 3995 optical storage management for the OS/2, AIX, NT, and Sun Solaris environments.
  • Enables solutions across the enterprise – S/390, AS/400, RS/6000, PC, LAN, and Open Systems environments.


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