3584-L52 Tape Library Base Frame

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Frontier provides used and refurbished IBM 3584 Model L52 base frames. The Model L52 offers 64 to 287 cartridge slots and allows up to 12 tape drives. The L52 is designed for the LTO or 3592 tape cartridges.

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  • Includes capability to install one to twelve IBM LTO Ultrium Tape Drives
  • Each Model L52 Frame can have up to twelve logical libraries and twelve control paths
  • Each IBM Fibre Channel LTO Ultrium Tape Drive in the Model L52 has a single-port Fibre Channel interface
  • Cartridge capacity from 64 to 287 cartridges
  • Allows expansion with the attachment of either the Model D22, D32, or D52 Expansion Frames


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