Poynting OMNI-402 Marine LTE 2×2 MIMO

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Poynting A-OMNI-0402

410-470MHz, 690-960MHz, 1710-2170MHz, & 2300-2700MHz
Max Gain: 6.2 dBi

The OMNI-402 is an ultra-wide band antenna, which covers all contemporary LTE operating frequencies with excellent balanced gain across all frequencies, while providing 2×2 MIMO capability from its vertically separated radiating elements, in the same radome. The design allows the antenna to have superior pattern control over the entire frequency range making the OMNI-402 a true high performance omni-directional MIMO antenna. Usable in all parts of the world, the OMNI-402 guarantees signal reception almost everywhere. Poynting Antennas achieves this through new antenna configuration using multiple dipoles and a unique (patented) feed network. The antenna is future proof as it covers the 450 MHz frequency which is in wider use for LTE worldwide.

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