Poynting MIMO-3-12 2×2 MIMO LTE

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Poynting MIMO-3-12

  • Backwards compatible with 3G and 2G technologies
  • 2 x MiMo LTE

• Ultra-wideband 410MHz to 470MHz, 690MHz to 2700MHz and 3400MHz to 3800MHz bands
• Cleverly designed decorrelated antennas give superior MIMO performance in cellular bands
• Careful mechanical design provides ruggedness, corrosion, water, dust resistance (IP68)
• Transport broadband, automation and telemetry for Busses, Utility, Trucking & Public Safety vehicles
• Industrial factory automation, robotic machinery and other M2M systems telemetry
• Farming & Agricultural automation such as M2M & IoT
• Broadband cellular for Marine (inland and near coastal vessels)
• Mining Vehicles & Machinery communications, telemetry and automation (M2M & IoT)

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