Peplink Partners meet in Texas

On January 22, 2018, Frontier and Peplink hosted the first North American Partner Summit in San Antonio, Texas. The event was an opportunity for Peplink resellers from Canada, Mexico, and the United States to meet and discuss future technology with Peplink Engineers and staff.

The event kicked-off with Peplink CEO Keith Chau outlining the expected growth in the SD-WAN marketplace and continued throughout the day with new product introductions, technical explanations and significant feedback from the partners. In addition to Mr. Chau, Travis Durick, Erik deBie, Tim Simdorn, Kody Krier, and Adam Hasbargen represented Peplink. Josh Varghese of Traceroute presented an in-depth look at using Peplink in IoT. Later in the day, Niko Bradway of Google showed how Google is using Pepwave hardware to establish robust, temporary WiFi access for events around the world. In addition to the formal presentations, there were hands-on demonstrations of several new products ranging from the massive Pepwave EPX to the diminutive SpeedFusion engine.

Perhaps the most valuable portion of the summit was the opportunity for resellers to talk directly with Peplink about the innovations and changes their clients are requesting. Several new software and firmware updates will come from ideas directly generated at the summit.

As it has since 1976, Frontier Computer can provide IT hardware, enterprise computing support, and the best solutions for M2M Data, IoT, and International Data Roaming. Frontier is the World’s largest Distributor for Peplink and Pepwave.

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