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In the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer travel season is here. Soon hundreds of thousands of couples, families, and adventurers will hit the road. From luxury travel coaches to towable RVs they will all have one thing in common. They will be traveling to new and unfamiliar places. Many of those places will be remote and tree covered. As a result, the familiar cellular connections of home will be gone. Staying connected is always a challenge when traveling, and even more so for RVers heading to the woods.

“The weBoost Drive 4G-X has been a game changer for our connectivity on the road.”

The weBoost Drive 4G-X RV is designed specifically to give RV travelers stronger cell signals in difficult conditions. Built by Wilson Electronics, with the same technology used in WilsonPro professional cellular amplifiers. The 4G-X RV is a complete, easy to install system. The entire system with all components, cables, and fasteners comes in one box for under $500.

“It has worked flawlessly and boosted cell signals in remote areas where we have never had a signal before!”

It starts with a high quality outdoor omnidirectional antenna. The antenna can be permanently mounted on the roof of an RV for maximum line-of-sight clearance. The outdoor antenna brings the signal inside to the booster unit which amplifies the signal up +50 dB, the maximum allowed by the FCC. The booster broadcasts the signal to users through a desktop antenna inside the vehicle. The desktop antenna can be moved anywhere, even outside, to create a cellular signal space that can accessed by up to four users at the same time.

“We were camped where there was no AT&T service and Verizon had 1 bar. With the booster AT&T could make calls and Verizon had 4G LTE.”

The Drive 4G-X RV system works in all Recreational Vehicles: Class A, Class C and all towables. It can be used parked or while on the road. The 4G-X RV is compatible with all phone brands and all North American cell carriers. It can boost a Verizon signal to an iPhone, an AT&T signal to a Samsung Galaxy, and a T-Mobile signal to a pay-as-you-go phone simultaneously.

“We are currently parked in an area of northern Idaho, and had to drive 3 to 4 miles to use our “hot spot”. After installing the weBoost 4G-X RV we get a consistent 4G signal throughout our coach”

The weBoost system can extend 4GLTE signals up to 32x for clear, uninterrupted calls and fast, reliable data connections. In the case of marginal or faint signals the weBoost can hold a call where even a text message would be have been impossible. If there is any signal at all, a Drive 4G-X RV can make it a usable connection.

Full Drive 4G-X RV Specs can be found here.

Frontier Computer stocks WilsonPro and weBoost cellular amplifiers.

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