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Purple is the color most often associated with royalty and magic. Roman magistrates and rulers of the Byzantine and Holy Roman Empires wore Purple. Roman Catholic bishops accessorize with lots of purple, and in Japan, it is the color symbolizing the Emperor and aristocracy. Purple is powerful stuff. So when we tell you need Purple for your public Wi-Fi we are not kidding around.

According to The Pew Research Center, 92% of millennials own a smartphone.

For most businesses, organizations, and municipalities maintaining public Wi-Fi is a cost associated with doing business, like keeping the restrooms clean. It’s an expense only indirectly related to sales. In some cases, Wi-Fi can even create risk, opening your clients — and through them your business — to potential vulnerability. Purple changes all of that. Purple offers three significant benefits to your business.

At the most basic level, Purple will enhance your client’s Wi-Fi experience. Using their existing social media connections, users can login to, and then quickly reconnect with your Wi-Fi network. Purple creates and maintains a secure, solid connection for each of your users. While that is a valuable benefit for your clients, and will certainly bring a share of positive will, it is just window dressing on the real advantages of Purple.

A single Facebook “Like” is worth about $135

Purple allows you to know and engage your customer as nothing has since the days when a General Store owner knew every client and all of the client’s family members by name. Using powerful analytics and information available through social media, Purple can give you an overall picture of who your clients are and snapshots of your engagements minute by minute. Purple can give you advanced client demographics, and even deeper knowledge of the things that are important to the people who visit your venue.

73% of millennials go to sleep with their smartphones by their bed.

The real impact of Purple happens once clients are in your store or venue or town. Purple can tell you exactly how long someone stays. It can tell you where they go inside your venue and what things cause them to remain in one place. With that valuable information, you can use purple to engage clients in real time. People rely on their smartphones, and are engaged by the messages they receive on them. Purple will enable you to communicate directly to your customers, on a device they trust. When visitors are browsing near a specific merchandise area, they can receive automatic notification of sales and promotions. You can send offers for their next visit, or offers to keep them engaged. Municipalities offering public Wi-Fi can give visitors a reason to return or linger with notices of coming events and activities.

For users 18 to 34 social networking the top smartphone activity.

Even after clients leave your location, Purple continues to work for you. Building on the Social Media connections established during their visit, you can continue to engage clients with offers and information that fit their current interests. You can use your previous clients to introduce new clients, and build advocacy.

Purple is the tool that transforms public Wi-Fi for public spaces: retail, stadiums and arenas, airports, libraries, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and your location. As it has for centuries, Purple means power, and just a little bit of magic. Today Purple has 8 million users making 52 million connections at 15,000 Venues. Using the public Wi-Fi that you already have installed, Purple can add your business, venue, or municipality to the growing number of people connecting with their constituents in meaningful ways.

As it has since 1976, Frontier Computer can provide IT hardware and enterprise computing solutions. We have experts who can identify the best tools to create Public Wi-Fi and assure you get the most out of it once it is in place.

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