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When the AIM servers shut down next month you will still be able to IM all of your Frontier contacts on Skype.

Last month we circulated a survey asking our clients and contacts what Instant Messaging platform they planned to use after AOL ends AIM service. The response overwhelmingly favored Skype at 65%. While 12% expected to transition to What’s App, there was no other platform receiving even a significant percentage. Many, if not most, people already have an existing Skype address so the transition should be fairly seamless.

We are receiving Skype IMs now.

Although you will be able to to reach all your Frontier contacts via AIM until December 15, we have already transitioned to Skpye and are receiving Skype IMs now. In many cases your Frontier contact’s Skype ID will be their regular Frontier email address, but since some Frontier staff have existing Skype IDs, it’s best to confirm Skype information through email or AIM (before AIM goes dark).

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