Drop-in Mode for Easy Multi-WAN

Multi-WAN networking has significantly changed the connectivity options for both small and large businesses. As little as 10 years ago, the only way to assure a fast, always-on connection to the Internet was with an expensive dedicated line to an ISP. Even then, the single connection was an eggs-in-one-basket solution. It was a good, solid basket, but businesses were dependent on their single ISP never going down. Multi-WAN technology allows a business to combine inexpensive local connections like cable, DSL, and even cellular to create a reliable, fast connection without the expense of dedicated lines. Despite the significant advantages of Multi-WAN connections, many businesses have avoided the technology because of the network reconfiguration required. If it ain’t broke, they don’t want to fix it.

Drop-In to the Rescue

Reacting to that concern, Peplink introduced Drop-in mode with several of their more advanced balance and cellular routers. Drop-In mode adds a Peplink router — and Multi-WAN connections — to an existing network without reconfiguration. Using Drop-in mode, a Peplink router can be installed between an existing ISP and the network firewall (Between the WAN and LAN) without any modification of the established network. There is no need to change network IP addressing or duplicate configurations from another router. Only a straightforward 30-minute set-up of the Peplink router is required. The existing network is unchanged. Once the Peplink router has been “dropped-into”, the network additional WAN connections can be added.

Many businesses have used Multi-WAN technology to add an inexpensive cellular back-up WAN connection to existing single WAN networks. As the benefits of cellular fail-over have become more widely understood, there has been a call for an affordable way to add cellular back up without changing existing network topology. To meet this demand, Peplink has introduced a $99 Drop-in mode license for their popular and affordable Pepwave BR Series. Drop-in mode is now available for all Peplink and Pepwave routers.

For well under $1,000 in hardware and an inexpensive monthly cellular data plan, the confidence and reliability of Multi-WAN failover is available to any business wanting to assure their internet connection never goes down. When a main connection slows or goes down, Peplink, using Multi-WAN technology, seamlessly switches to the high-speed cellular backup on the fly. The addition of the $99 drop-in mode has removed another obstacle to the certainty of an always-on connection; no modification of the existing network is required.

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