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SUN 7042210 16GB (1 x 16GB) DDR3 Memory DIMM

Are you looking to increase your memory in your Sun SPARC T4 series system? By far one of the most popular ways to see an increase in performance is this 7042210 16GB DIMM. Our customers routinely choose this upgrade feature because of its immediate impact on their system, for an extremely affordable price. These memory upgrades are in stock and ready to ship to your location. Contact our Sun Product Manager, Emmett Mulligan, to see if memory DIMM is the right investment in your system.

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Product Spotlight

IBM 5769 10GB Ethernet-SR PCI Express Adapter

Need a high performance adapter for your Power6 or Power7 server? Look no further than the IBM 5769 PCI Express adapter. This single port adapter is compatible for a range of AIX servers, but is not compatible with iSeries systems. We have both the full-height brackets and the half-height brackets available. These are one of the fastest moving features in the industry today, so contact our IBM sales team with any questions.

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What is an IBM Feature Code?

confused about FRU?

The world of IBM hardware is dominated by a seemingly endless array of numbers to describe processor speed, drive storage space, transfer rates and plenty more. But perhaps no group of numbers is more confusing than part numbers. Many different part numbers, FRUs and feature codes are in your data center right now. Knowing the difference between a part number, a FRU and a feature code can save you a lot of time, and a lot of money.

Part number

The Part Number is pretty straight forward. A part number describes a specific part within a specific system among IBM’s various product lines. For example, there are several fibre channel expansion cards for a variety of IBM products, but there is only one part numbered 46M6140, which is a dual port expansion card for an IBM BladeCenter. Part numbers tell IT infrastructure technicians exactly which parts are included in their servers, storage and networking equipment. These part numbers are also used in IBM marketing materials to help technicians configure their equipment to meet their requirements.


FRU stands for Field Replacement Unit. It is the number that you’ll find on a piece of hardware, along with the part number. The FRU numbers are what you’ll want to reference when contacting your IBM Business Partner to replace defective parts in IBM systems.

Feature code

Knowing the Feature Code can save a lot of money when you ask your business partner for a part. The feature code is used by IBM to process orders. They use feature codes because any one IBM item can have as many as twenty or more part numbers. For example, a 3129 36GB 10K hard drive can use 00P1519, 00P2676, 07N3774, 07N4803 as part numbers –- there are over ten more part number for this single drive. To save time and avoid confusion, IBM and IBM business partners use feature codes to describe this specific drive when processing orders.

Knowing the correct feature code is valuable. At Frontier we have had customers come to us requesting a specific part number: 00P2676, as an example. This is one part number among many assigned to a unit with a certain feature code. If they only have this specific part number and search the internet, they may find one reseller advertising that part number for $150 dollars. This vendor is hoping their caller doesn’t know the the 00P2676 part number is a feature code 3129 drive, which has many corresponding part numbers. Had they asked for a feature code 3129, they would have paid $50 for the drive. If you are not well versed in features codes, it is important to have a vendor like Frontier that will reference the correct feature code when you ask for a specific part number.

If you have any questions about part numbers, FRUs or feature codes, give Frontier’s IBM team a call. We’ll tell you exactly what part you need, and which FRUs and feature codes will work as replacements.

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Certified, Refurbished IBM Hardware


As an IBM Business Partner, we know the benefits of working with such a reputable hardware and software manufacturer. Being an IBM Business Partner provides leverage to your sales team, as they offer tried and proven solutions to your clients. But business partners routinely underutilize another valuable resource in the IBM hardware industry – each other.

Did you know that purchasing refurbished servers, storage and networking equipment from fellow IBM Business Partners is an excellent way to provide cost-effective solutions for your customers? This gear is tested and refurbished by certified technicians, and eligible for any IBM or third-party maintenance contract. Consider the following pricing examples to see what you could be saving:

Frontier’s Price August 2015 IBM List Price Savings
IBM FC 3649 450GB 15K SAS HDD $250 $1,300 $1,050
IBM FC 1888 139GB 15K SAS SFF HDD $125 $498 $373
IBM FC 5706 2-Port Ethernet PCIx Adapter $75 $755 $680
IBM FC 4449 8GB Memory Kit $500 $12,375 $11,875

The same hardware solutions provided by IBM, with responsive, knowledgeable customer service from a fellow IBM Business partner – all for a fraction of the costs of purchasing through IBM channels. Contact Frontier Computer Corp. today to compare costs on your next IBM purchase. How much more profit could you find with lower purchasing costs?

What do you do with your customer’s displaced data center systems? Frontier buys server, storage and networking equipment packages from other IBM Business Partners on a weekly basis. Call us to find out how much your clients out-going gear is worth.

Looking to source HP, Dell, Sun, EMC, NetApp or Cisco hardware? With over 100,000 parts in stock, we can be your one-stop-shop for all of your IT hardware requirements.

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HPE 512732-001 12-port Controller Assembly


HPE 512732-001 12-port Controller Assembly with 11GB Cache (HSV450)

Our HPE Product Manager somehow got his hands on four of these controllers for inventory, so we wanted to let you all know!

These controllers are an excellent option for HPE StorageWorks EVA8400 systems. There’s no better investment for your system than certified-refurbished equipment from Frontier Computer Corp.

If you have questions about this controller, or other StorageWorks options, we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Use our thirty-plus years of experience to your advantage!

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Product Spotlight

IBM 1880 300GB SAS HDD

We move a lot of IBM 5802 I/O drawers, and our customers routinely choose to fill these units with IBM FC 1880 300GB 15K SAS drives. A combination of an ideal storage capacity, as well as a small form factor, allows you to maximize your investment in the 5802 I/O drawer. Looking for an advanced storage solution for your POWER server? Want to know what IBM feature code designation these drives have for your iSeries system? We can answer all of your questions – just get in touch.

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Below Market Pricing

We realize that you are spoiled for choice when sourcing IT hardware for your data center. Between eBay, a host of resellers, and business partners, replacement parts and upgrade features for your servers, storage solutions and networking equipment are just a click away. With the parts and hardware you need to keep your business running so readily available, why would you pay more than you have to?

One example of our below-market pricing would be IBM 3658 428GB 15K SAS hard drives for IBM iSeries systems. We recently supplied one of our IBM Business Partners in South America with ten of these drives for $350 each. Now, what would they have paid had they purchased elsewhere?

eBay Pricing: $565 each ($2,150 more)

Nearest Competitor Pricing: $424.95 each ($750 more)

Our IBM business partner client received tested, re-certified IBM drives with a 90-day warranty for less than taking a chance on untested hardware, purchased on eBay. Want to save on your next IT hardware purchase? Just call or email Frontier Computer Corp.!

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