Poynting medium and high gain antennas are tuned to exact frequency bands for Cellular, WiFi, and WiMAX. We can help you find the correct antenna for your application.


Directional Antennas

Directional antennas receive a signal in a focused path. The angle of the reception will vary with each specific model. Directional antennas can deliver the strongest signal in applications where the broadcast origination point in known and fixed.


Omni Directional Antennas

Omni directional antennas receive signals from 360 degrees. They are the correct antenna for any moving vehicle or when the broadcast location is unknown or variable. Because they are non-directional, their ability to capture any specific signal is reduced compared to a focused directional antenna.


Antennas Brackets

Proper antenna brackets allow the correct positioning and secure, convenient mounting of antennas.

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