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When we needed a new virtualization solution, I shopped around before deciding to go with Frontier. Our existing system made many compromises due to budget constraints – iSCSI storage, VMWare Server 2.0, and so on. Frontier was able to deliver a turnkey VMWare solution with HP blades and storage. The equipment arrived on time, on budget, and fully configured. I literally rolled the rack into my data center, powered it up, and started customizing.
Our new system features VMWare vSphere, a Fibre Channel SAN, modern HP blades, and capacity for the future. Our time constraints were a huge concern, but Frontier came through for us. I highly recommend Frontier’s sales and systems integration staff – we’re extremely fortunate to have such expertise available in our area. Thanks guys!

Dan Chapman

Information Services Manager


First off, thank you so very, very much for your help today. I can’t express in words just how blown away I have been by your customer service, it has remained consistent from day one. Typically sales people fall off the radar after the sale, but you follow through even when I don’t expect it. You are amazing.

You saved us after Sandy. Actually, our old equipment dying saved me because I found Frontier and Peplink. Having these units in both stores has helped our company immensely. Knowing I can email you with quick questions makes my life much easier. It boosts my confidence in Peplink, and what we can do as a company with networking.”



Thanks for the tracking info and the level of service that you provided. We rarely see this level of service with the companies we deal with and it is a pleasure to do business with you. I appreciate your help with getting the order placed and out the door so quickly.

Robin Dawson


Thanks again for all your patience and help, Mike. I can see using Peplinks in other clients if they are looking to add speed and/or resiliency to their Internet connection, and thankfully no others currently use VPNs. You can bet that Frontier has earned our business.



For lots of reasons, technologists anywhere can find themselves in need – sometimes dire – for hardware that simply isn’t available through manufacturers’ typical sales channels. I had to add a host to a cluster and didn’t have the budget to upgrade the whole enchilada. Frontier had the product knowledge and resources to supply exactly the hardware I needed to expand my cluster quickly and economically.

Steve Engle

Network Professional SF Bay Area


I would like to personally thank Frontier for the fast response and repair to our malfunctioning IBM RS/6000. In 35 years of owning my own business, I cannot recall any company responding as fast as yours, without any excuses. I was worried, since you asked so few questions and so quickly assured me you understood my problem, that you were going to call me when you received our unit and explain that you had no idea the damage was as bad. Quite the opposite! We received the repaired RS with nothing more than your sales man calling me to tell me everything went well and tested perfectly.

As a result of you doing the repair in record time ( we shipped the bad unit to you on a Monday, overnight. As I understand it you received it Tuesday morning. Repaired and tested it that day and reshipped it that night. We received it on Wednesday morning) we were back on line in 2 and a half days. Not the weeks I was figuring on from my conversations with numerous other repair organizations I spoke with that Monday.

Name Withheld


Words cannot express my happiness at both the cost (a 10th of what we were sure it would cost given the age of our system) or speed of the repair. The daily cost to my company while not having my computer up and working is, well I do not even want to think about it. You have renewed my faith in both the service based industries and in people standing behind what they say they can do. I cannot thank you enough for your help in making what could of been a costly disaster into an almost pleasant adventure. Your tech department is one of the best I have ever dealt with. I only hope the next time I need you it will be for a less catastrophic problem. With unending appreciation.

David Steinitz


Thanks again for all your help! We finally found someone who could provide all the answers I needed! I never felt like I was being pushed and you were always on top of any responses or requests! If I do have any questions I feel confident that you’re the man! Thanks again for everything, good customer service is a rarity these days, dealing with you has been a refreshing change from the norm!

Systems Administrator

Sanwa Growers


Recently I found myself in need of technical assistance with an AlphaServer DS10 that had failed. This is the only computer of this type that I have for control of a high resolution mass spectrometer system, which uses software executed under OpenVMS operating system. This failure disabled use of this instrument system in my laboratory. I began to search the Internet for assistance in diagnosis and repair of this legacy system. Among the firms I found and contacted FrontierUS came to the front, although it was not the first I contacted.

Name Withheld


I have learned a lot from technicians over about 30 years experience with computers. (My first DEC system was a PDP8.) I have found that good technicians have skill in diagnosis that comes through careful attention to failure phenomena and knowledge of the system components. One part of this includes the ability to carefully listen to the user, who has more experience initially with the failure than does the technical staff. I found your technician Greg Bright to be a careful listener to my knowledge of the system, and he was a quick study in diagnosing the motherboard failure on system. Within a few days, the system was repaired and returned to me. I am very happy with the service I received from FrontierUS, and will contact your company again should I need help. Thank you for providing service on such legacy systems.

Harrell Hurst, Ph.D., Professor

University of Louisville


Our seismic exploration ships operate around the globe. By shipping to exotic locations, and beating tight deadlines and narrow delivery windows, Kevin Scott and the people at Frontier have helped SeaBird Exploration equip our on-board data centers and achieve goals that would not have been possible through other providers.
We value Frontier’s responsiveness, resourcefulness, and competitive pricing, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Steve Sporzynski

Senior Software Engineer

SeaBird Exploration Americas, Inc.


Not very often do we get an email like this! Thanks very much for helping the customer (and me ) find the correct model number for the drives that were shipped to San Francisco.

Craig Kent, Omnitec


In short we find the service excellent and saves us sourcing / installation costs on hardware, physical space in our comms room and allows us to be extremely flexible. We are a small company with a modest IT budget which allows us access to enterprise equipment at entry level costs.

Sean Day

Support Center Manager, iQuate


Just when we thought that good customer service was a thing of the past; Frontier gave us hope again. From the start, the sales representative was able to provide us with useful technical information no other company was able to provide us. We would pay extra for the knowledge and service that was provided, but they came in lower on the price which just made it another bonus. Thanks again!

Scott Perrin, Systems Manager

North American Membership Group, Inc., MN


My first purchase from FCC was more than satisfactory. I appreciate the fast response both you and your colleagues gave. Navigating through your website’s inventory of hard-to-find equipment is a simple process. Your assistance, expertise, and availability from quote to shipment are exactly what this first time customer needed. Combined with the assistance you provide post sale will keep me coming back.

Blake Henderson


How is that machines break Friday evening and on holidays? An old but critical Compaq Proliant DL360 went down over the holidays and Frontier Computer Corp was able to find the exact replacement and dispatched it to us that day. The service was knowledgeable, courteous and the price was right. What more could you ask for? I will call Frontier first for all of our needs in the future.

Martin, Falkland Road Inc


Thank you so much for your time and efforts, we are sending you the order for the spare parts. You have saved us more than 2,100 per month in maintenance costs. Your efforts will continue to be rewarded with orders as long as you keep taking good care of my engineers like that.

Program Manager

IBM Global Services


Thank you for saving our tails, that customer was so upset with the other reseller trying to push them around, you really saved the account for us. To show our appreciation I have included a coffee cup and a t-shirt, I know it isn’t much. Ill get some more orders heading in your direction soon.

Peter, Distributor


We had no idea that we could still purchase these parts! We have an old DEC AlphaStation we were getting ready to upgrade because we thought there was no other choice than buying a newer machine. We bought a few refurbished drives, a power supply and a motherboard from Frontier Computer Corporation. Now we will be all set for another year or two if not more! Thank You All. What a pleasure to work with you!

Doug DeLouise

Programmer OVMS Team Leader

Shipyard Operations NGC.


“We needed parts delivered same day for our IBM pSeries server. Frontier had the parts in stock and ready for pick up by our shipping agent. The parts were delivered to our NY facility later that day and our system was up and running in no time.

Mark P. VP, IT Services Dept

City Sector


Recently, I contacted Frontier Computer Corp. to inquire about the purchase of cpu and memory for an AlphaServer. During the course of several conversations regarding this matter, Benjamin was extremely professional and courteous. His attitude was very positive. Any concerns or questions were addressed promptly and cheerfully. He literally went out of his way to ensure satisfaction. I would not hesitate to deal with FCC again in the future based on this past experience.

Michael Guignion

Senior Systems Analyst


It is comforting to be able to deal with a company in which you have complete confidence in the knowledge of their staff, a company in which will take the extra step to assist you in your objective. They do an excellent job in keeping you informed and making sure that you receive your equipment in a timely manner.

Purchasing Agent

Hardware Services/Maintenance Company


Hey Brian, just to let you guys know that the 7026-H50 is working great now. We have the apps (progress DB servers) operating and looking good. Though we had a surprise with the shipping and issues with the power cord and SCSI controller, you were all fast to respond. We appreciate that man! The system is notably faster than our old one. Appreciate all your help to get this system going.

Richard Parks


My client, a large global Marketing Company, is a current customer of FrontierUS and I wanted to communicate my very positive experience of working with your company and specifically your staff. I have been working very closely with your Account Manager Cody Maher, and his technical team, on several very unique and special hardware purchases. During this process Cody has been extremely effective and knowledgeable in fulfilling, configuring and delivering our equipment orders. Cody and your technical team have also been extremely helpful in working with us in setup, documenting and troubleshooting our equipment. Cody’s professional and consistent approach in working and communicating with our extended team has helped us overcome several technical challenges, to which we are greatly appreciative. Just wanted to drop you a line as a satisfied customer.

Bill Thorsen, Technical Architect

Integral Solutions Inc.



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